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Tuesday, 17. May 2011

Christian Louboutin I heard this voice

By shisan135, 08:47
Hand , some of Wang Ran looked at her , all in the car behind honk impatiently , just as loudly in a noisy , he murmured how could you
Unthinking of the word, she did not know , tears in the eyes but also with a touch will fall Susu .
He refused to let her fight her off , ultimately he decided to take her downstairs apartment .
Later christian louboutin pumps studio 120 studded peep toe ivory, a long time , and he has not appeared in louboutins before.
louboutin shoes are very disappointed in this ending , she was severely criticized christian louboutin pigalle 120 pumps glitter gold, especially louboutins You pig , even the rich are not firmly grasp .
louboutins stuck to that next time , next time .
louboutins life quickly restore calm , the only exception to this is more than the box of matches. Occasional evening she sat at the table , take out a burning match to draw , fixing her eyes on it one one fire to ashes. This special match, and the christian louboutins since the break up , she had not seen for many years before. Thin and long, can burn for a long time , a box but not many roots, so she cherished , more often, just lifting gently shake the matchbox in the ear , rustling like pelting rain , I heard this voice , to feel pleasure.
Business or jumbled nervous, she and her boss to run a large customer, with nearly half of no results, patience is almost completely drained christian louboutin pumps bianca patent leather black, the results of this day came out from the reception room , head meet a person very familiar , louboutins not help a slight .

Christian Louboutin half of the corridor are pile

By shisan135, 08:47
that the man she ever , louboutins seem to remember his last name content. Sure enough, the total capacity of supervisors has been all smiles Oh , My pleasure. Will louboutins introduced , and the other recognized her , the original name of this company is his , that they had come , turned around and told Secretary of few words , suddenly perk up. Boss overjoyed , elated, quietly admire her line , ah, when do not know the capacity of less Zhiyi Sheng , really tolerant about ah. Immediately build on the progress her first stay in consultation with the other details of matters.
On the official finished , the total volume was asked how a word not seen you look east to the hospital
louboutins Mengchi started, and before she said anything, the total capacity has been a sigh , that you go and see him.
louboutins hesitated for a full two days before to the hospital.
Did not think the hospital is also bustling, half of the corridor are piled flowers, she asked a nurse what christian sale ward , eyes suddenly had a strange 1708 , is left in the fourth .
Door is half open, and wards are suites christian louboutin pumps rolando patent hidden platform wine, furnished Debu worse than the hotel , flowers and fruit everywhere , step up the carpet foam silent, in the room was Chi Chi chuckle , the sound Jiaoqiao sweet. She stayed quiet for a few seconds christian louboutin pumps dillian flower yellow, had wanted to knock on the door , but finally turned and left.
Quiet and empty corridors , echoing her own footsteps, here is a dedicated ward , louboutins ‘ve been here once christian louboutin booties paris 100 suede gray, is to accompany christian louboutins. Later

Friday, 13. May 2011

Christian Louboutin do not say it

By shisan135, 09:02
Full , christian shoes sigh leaning back to buy a lot of things , only this some of the dishes is really asking too much .
He also felt luxurious christian louboutin pumps mad mary janes pink, this moment of time, true luxury. Tipsy feeling a little drunk in the thin , the true luxury.
Wish candles , christian shoes off all the lights , the room only candlelit cake christian louboutin flats patent mousse clou black silver, sweet smile as she ad make a wish.
He felt a little top , then three years of Shaoxing rice wine , staying up gradually , and in the slight dizziness in the rip soon to blow out his candles on the cake .
Suddenly plunged into darkness.
Eyes gradually adapt to the gloom can identify the outline of her to the sofa that one end of the cold night outside the windows , perhaps the moon , maybe not christian louboutin booties armony 140mm brown, a touch of gray, put into it, people get to see her dim shadow . Eyebrows and eyes, is not clear, but she , obviously her.
christian shoes turned to him laughing What’d you wish for But quickly added , do not say it , say it is not brilliant.
He did not say anything , I do not know why she was nervous that I went to turn on the lights .
After her from him , a little touch of fragrance , I do not know what scent , too close to him . Just took a deep breath , feel a sense of sadness .
Light has been lit , she said, happy birthday! Remove a small box , maybe just buy in the supermarket , he and other payments in the supermarket checkout line , she walked away quite a while, he always thought she was going to the bathroom, turned out to buy gifts.